How to Get Found on the Internet


Getting on the 1st Page of Search Results

Looking to get your website found on the internet? Local businesses, like our Chandler, AZ based website services business, have a lot of competition. You’ll find us on the first page of your search results! We can do the same for you!

Today,  local businesses compete for customers using available Internet Social Networks and Search Engine Marketing techniques. Our job is to make you rise above your competition using the power of the Internet and Social Media Marketing. 1st Choice Website Solutions will create an internet marketing package that fits your current needs, and grows with your business.

If you don’t have marketing experience or ‘things’ like a ‘value proposition’ developed, we will help you. Our pricing can be tailored to fit into a website marketing budget that you can afford. Our proprietary techniques ensure that marketing plans stay on track and deliver results.

3 Simple Rules to Follow

  1. Write good content on each page of your website and make sure each page is focused on 1 thing. This helps the search engine rank your page according to its focus.
  2. Structure your pages like a chapter in a book. Include a <h1> Chapter Title </h1>, then your h2, and h3 and so on.  The search engines reward good page structure and your visitors will be able to follow the page easier. This will result in less bouncing away from the page and more time spent reading each page. Both of these indicators can be measured in Google Analytics.
  3. Don’t fall for the ‘quick SEO results’ advertisements you will receive in emails. Any attempts to trick the search engines can result in penalties that will prevent your website from being found. These ‘black hat’ penalties can be very expensive to resolve. We recommend sending any email with ‘SEO’ in the subject line directly to your SPAM folder.
There are many techniques that an experienced SEO consultant can use to help you get on the 1st page of search results, but it all starts with good content and structure. If you start with that you are ahead of more websites than you can imagine.
Search Engine Optimization

SEO for small and medium businesses is a ‘must have’ to compete today. We have developed online marketing and search engine placement solutions that are perfectly tailored for SMB businesses.  We have been developing and executing ethical search engine placement strategies designed with visibility and conversion…

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is more than Pay Per Click (PPC) on Google Adwords. We work with you to uncover the focused keywords that describe your business, products and services. We take the time to review your ideas, thoughts and directions. Why do you feel that you offer a great service? Why is your product better than your competitors? Yes, we ask a lot of questions…

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Social Media Marketing

If your business is not on Facebook,Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc… we will get you there. If you have the accounts, you need to be active. We will create Social Media Campaigns that turn fans into customers. Are you running promotions and offers on your Facebook page? Are you active on Twitter? We will increase your fans, followers and traffic to your website and business. What can you do with Social Media Campaigns?

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Social Media Optimization

Each Social Media Marketing platform has it’s own set of ‘social rules’ and guidelines. As Social Media Optimization experts, we are well versed in these rules and understand the nuances of these communities. Social Media Marketing alone will not make your products and services ‘better’ — it is the SMO process that creates demand for the awesome products and services you offer. Who needs Social Media Optimization…

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