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Updated: 12-21-16

Logo Design for Small Business

logo designs for small businessThere are a lot of great logo designers in Chandler, AZ. Logo design is usually one of the first efforts small business owners spend money on. Getting a logo doesn’t have to be expensive. At 1st Choice Websites we typically use a graphics designer to create logos for our customers. But you can design your own logo and save a lot of money.

We have reviewed a few logo design software programs and found that some are easy to use. You can spend an hour with some of these programs and get pretty good results.

Picking Logo Design Software

Picking software is time consuming. Many have terrible reviews, so here is one that we think has enough content to help with your small business needs, Icons-Logos-Symbols-Pictograms…. This package gives you a lot of logo ideas to help you get started. If you don’t have the skills to design from one of their ideas, you can show it to a designer and tell them what you want altered. It will save you time and money. It is available from Amazon so you can get free shipping with Prime and it is typically under $100. You can follow the link and get more information on everything it includes. Plus, Amazon will show you comparative programs that you might like.

If you are looking for something really simple and fast, try Logo Design Studio Pro. You can create, modify and save logo files quickly and easily with this software. The reviews vary, but if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, this will help you get a few ideas on paper before talking to a graphics designer. If you get what you are looking for in the first couple of days, you will save some money over having a graphics team build your logo from scratch.

Design Tips for Logos

Once you install your logo design software, spend 20 minutes playing with it. After you understand the basics, start designing. Create a few logos and set them aside for a day or two. Look at the logos again and start tweaking your favorite until you love it. You would be doing the same thing if you paid someone to make the logo for you.

After you have narrowed your logo designs down to two, show them to others and get their opinions. You will be looking for their first reactions, so show them one at a time. When you get a consensus of the one that sparks the most interest, use it. Don’t spend a lot of time second guessing yourself. You can always switch to a different logo.

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