Authority Content Publishing

Create Shared and Liked Content

Social Media Marketing LinksAuthority content publishing involves posting on socially based authority sites. It is a smart way to get your content in front of a range of audiences and claim more top rankings. 1st Choice can help you with the creation of  posts that will get liked and shared. This creates value to your content and your site.

We will help you use your existing social networks to cross promote your site.  If you have a strong following on Twitter or Linkedin, use it to promote your Facebook page and vice versa. If you don’t have a strong following on any social media, we will create it for you. The goal of authority content publishing is to drive new customers to  your website.

An effective content based social media optimization campaign includes:

  • Working with you to develop content ideas
  • Producing content within the guidelines of various authority sites such as Hubpages, Slide Share, Scribd, and Docstoc
  • Commenting and promoting other’s published content to build mutually beneficial relationships with other users on various social media content sites